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And what, may I ask, are your politics/religion?

Those who follow this blog may remember that a few weeks back, Kerry posted a lengthy interview with yours truly, as part of her self-described "Help Me Not Be A Dum-Dum About America" series.  Today, she posted an interview with Daniel, a.k.a. apoplecticskeptic here on Tumblr.  In that interview, she asked Daniel the above question, in light of the fact that he’s a recovering “ex-fundamentalist-evangelical right-winger” (his words).  The following was his response.  People usually shy away from these two subjects - I’m glad he didn’t. His is an intriguing story. (Go read it.)

I post this here because there isn’t one thing here that I don’t believe or think myself. Not one.


I don’t love labels, generally speaking… but… I think our Constitution should be viewed in light of the times in which we live. (For example, the Founding Fathers could not have imagined things like armor-piercing bullets and nuclear missiles, so I’m for reasonable gun control.)

All issues regarding women’s health should be left to the patient and her doctor. (But I have a hard time thinking abortion for minors without parental notification or consent is reasonable.)

I believe any consenting adults who want to get married should be able to, and I extend that right to people who want more than one spouse as long as all those involved are aware.

I think the War On Drugs is a farce. I think the TSA is a joke.

I think our system of politics is beyond repair and corrupt, but I’m not in favor of term limits. (We already have them, they’re called “elections.”)

I prefer using our nation’s war machine as a last defensive resort; I wish Obama had kept his promise about shutting Gitmo. (But I’m also aware I’m not privy to the intelligence he has at his disposal.)

I think when we torture those in our custody we lose too large a piece of ourselves as a nation and don’t gain enough in return. McCain’s decision to pick Sarah Palin will go down in history as a turning point for our country, disgraceful. I believe the Supreme Court has become perilously partisan, and may be irreparable.

Big Banks have far too little regulation; Big Pharma has far too little regulation. (And I think having medicine be a profit center is rather unseemly.)

Big Oil owns our government, and therefore has far too little regulation. Big Agriculture is a threat to the future of humanity as we know it.

Do you have a nice label for that pile of ideas? :)

On religion, I’m no longer a theist of any kind, so in that sense I am an atheist. I am agnostic… the idea that we can ever truly know the answers to life’s great riddles is so highly improbable.

I’m not quite at Hitchens’ level of claiming “religion poisons everything,” but I do find that religion often adds an unneeded layer to life’s challenges, and those challenges might become conquered problems much sooner if we’d drop all the tradition and dogma.

I’m open to the idea that we were created by someone or something, so I might be some vague Buddhist/Deist at most… But, again, I don’t think that concept is one that is provable.

I generally think the religious among us are that way because it’s easier to hold on to a myth than to accept reality, but I also realize that statement can sound harsh and demeaning so I try to gauge the openness of any conversation partner before describing it as just that.

The acknowledgment of this being our one and only existence about which we can be sure has meant a massive improvement in the way I approach this life, the way I celebrate the little things and appreciate the people around me.

My favorite quote about the nature of the universe and her mysteries is one by Douglas Adams… “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

Also, I really, really, really like having my Sunday mornings back…. and the power of adding the word “fuck” to my vocabulary has been a fun realization.