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What I Did During My Summer “Vacation”

Title: Defining Conscious Marketing: Historical Evolution, Theoretical Foundations and Implications, Fundamental Propositions, and Ideas for Research 

Abstract: This conceptual paper proposes a theoretical foundation for “conscious marketing”, and provides a definition of and fundamental propositions for the concept.  Conscious marketing is an offshoot from the practitioner-focused business paradigm known as conscious capitalism; although conscious capitalism has been explored by some academics and business practitioners, conscious marketing has not – this paper is the first such exploration.  Conscious marketing is placed in the context of the evolution of marketing thought and practice, representing a natural next step in the evolution of the discipline after more than a century of progression.  Stakeholder theory, relationship marketing, resource-advantage theory, and most notably, the service-dominant logic of marketing, provide the theoretical antecedents for this new concept.  Conscious marketing is offered as a “new new” dominant logic; it treats all stakeholders as customers, and places the true needs of the customer/stakeholder, rather than those of the firm, at the center of all marketing activity.  In so doing, a conscious marketing paradigm accounts for the societal impact of marketing decisions. The paper concludes with a discussion of the research implications of conscious marketing, and a description of areas of current research that complement its further study.

Forgive my getting all nerdy and stuff.  I’m just kinda proud of this. It’s the heftiest piece of academic work I’ve ever done - and although it’s going to be seagulled* in a week or two by my advisor and other academics and I will be left thinking knowing I’m worthless as a scholar as a result?  For the moment, I think it’s pretty cool.

*Swoop in, shit all over it, swoop out.

(Don’t fret - I’ll post the photograph soon! Damn!)