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Reason #4381 why Sesame Street was the greatest television show, ever.

When I saw this at age about 5 or 6, I knew who Stevie Wonder was, but I didn’t know the song Superstition.  This clip was on the Sesame Street clip rotation, and it was my first introduction to the song, and my first real introduction to the genius of Stevie Wonder.

What I like about this?  It’s almost 7 minutes of pure music, with real instruments, and nothing else.  A show like Sesame Street, arguably the most educational show ever aired on TV, saw it fit to simply have Stevie Wonder and a band of musicians play for almost 7 minutes, with no interruptions - not even to say it had been brought to you by the letter S.

Superstition is and remains my favorite Stevie Wonder song of all time, partly, perhaps largely, because of this Sesame Street clip.  To this day, whenever I hear it, I “see” the two guys on trumpet and sax, blowing and moving in time.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is true education via television.